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How to manage content chaos 

Written by Ana Canteli on 21 December 2018

With OpenKM, organisations create the document management ecosystem they need to work; facilitate collaboration and communication and store the information to access it most effectively and efficiently way


Ensure regulatory compliance 

Written by Ana Canteli on December 03, 2018

OpenKM's document management software helps to implement risk management and regulatory compliance management system to control all legal issues of the company


Digital business ecosystem 

Written by Ana Canteli on November 22, 2018

The OpenKM document management system helps the organization to create and implement an orderly digital ecosystem into the digital transformation business models


Digital rights management

Written by Ana Canteli on October 30, 2018

With OpenKM DRM technology, organizations can manage digital rights through a central policy, which identifies and describes the intellectual property and specifies the rules for its use.


Digital transformation in government 

Written by Ana Canteli on 15 October 2018

The use of digital technologies in related topics to citizens may seem a difficult and even overwhelming objective, but it is the necessary means to maintain the preponderant role expected of public bodies



HIPAA Document Management and Compliance

Written by Paulina Rodriguez on October 05, 2018

The OpenKM document management system helps medical service providers comply with all the guarantees and legal requirements contained in HIPAA and HITEC


Document management for retail 

Written by Ana Canteli on September 21, 2018

OpenKM document management software solution can be the ideal tool to strengthen the position of retail businesses in the sector, contributing to the improvement in retail operations, accounts payable, customer service and the retail documentation management


Sumarization of documents 

Written by Ana Canteli on September 14, 2018

Much of the information we read today are summaries and new technologies have triggered the production of content. That is why it is important to determine how to make a good summary of documents, to use that information in an appropriate way and make good decisions.


Josep Llort

KnowledgeTree migration 

Written by Josep Llort on August 24, 2018

Facing the purchase of a document management software, users concentrate all their efforts on the features of the tools, leaving aside a key issue; how to get the data out of the system in the future.In OpenKM we have always begun with the premise that the information belongs to the user and that our software must be the custodian of it, but not the jailer.


Electronic documents preservation 

Written by Ana Canteli on August 17, 2018

The digital preservation of electronic documents is a fundamental activity for all types of organizations, which allows them to comply with obligations and interests. It also offers numerous advantages, while guaranteeing the authenticity, reliability, integrity, and accessibility of information in the long term.


Google Search Appliance alternative - GSA 

Written by Ana Canteli on August 10, 2018

Now that users of google search appliance gsa have to look for alternatives, what they can do is not only opt for a substitute technology but also choose a document management system, with all the advantages it brings.


Financial technology - FinTech 

Written by Ana Canteli on August 03, 2018

One of the positive effects of technology in the financial system is that it allows services to be offered more quickly, responsibly and efficiently. In this new context, document management has a fundamental role. If the financial sector is fundamentally based on information, it is logical that such information can be managed as records or documents.


Software management for agencies 

Written by Ana Canteli on July 13, 2018

Management software has become the fundamental element to provide a reliable, collaborative and agile project management environment that facilitates the accomplishment of tasks to the personnel in an efficient and satisfactory way for both the agency and the clients.


Fax in b2b digital transformation 

Written by Ana Canteli on July 06, 2018

Digital transformation in B2B provokes a multitude of interactions in many fields that were previously related but not interconnected, where the fax is still one of the most used means of communication, as companies continue to perceive essential advantages.


Document management for distribution sector 

Written by Ana Canteli on June 22, 2018

For companies dedicated to the distribution sector, the acquisition of enterprise document management solutions can be the best investment, since their success depends largely on the good quality management of their documents and services.


Edocs electronic document management 

Written by Ana Canteli on June 15, 2018

Document management systems must provide a platform, simple for the end user to use, but also easy to maintain for the technical staff of the organization.  It is a solution for document management and enterprise contents that helps meet the requirements of the company's satff or public administration while complying with regulatory and legal requirements.


Compliance with legal requirements in the management of information 

Written by Ana Canteli on June 08, 2018

In business there are few more overwhelming terms than "compliance with legal obligations", but document management systems are a tool of great usefulness, of transversal scope in the needs of organizations and that contribute to facilitating the achievement of their objectives in many areas.


Monitor critical business transactions 

Written by Ana Canteli on June 01, 2018

In such a changing environment, in which the fastest and the best adapt to new trends, it becomes the leader of the sector; having the ability to restructure business processes is a competitive advantage that not only allows you to meet your goals but also guarantees the survival of the organization in the long term. With OpenKM you can maintain, update and monitor critical business transactions.


Josep Llort

Integrated Document Management

Written by Josep Llort on May 25, 2018

The integration of the document and records management in the organizations allows the satisfactory organization of the information, reducing the physical file and the costs while increasing the efficiency of all the business processes.


Document capture software 

Written by Ana Canteli on May 18, 2018

Document capture software is the application that provides the ability to automate the data extraction and document scanning processes management.
It makes the use of document management systems easier, increases productivity and the speed of business processes, thus achieving more benefits with the same resources.


Legal content management 

Written by Ana Canteli on May 11, 2018

The management of legal content involves case management, time management, billing and accounting, litigation coverage, search and recovery activities, communication and collaboration; security, storage, file and accessibility.
OpenKM offers a simple, intuitive and agile context at the same time that it meets the security requirements in the handling of legal content. 


What does digital transformation mean 

Written by Ana Canteli on May 04, 2018

Digital transformation is a project that has a multitude of intermediate and interconnected objectives in the foothills of continuous optimization through processes, departments and ecosystems of the company in the era of hyperconnectivity; where creating the necessary bridges to induce, create or maintain digital transformation is the key to success.


How to choose the right CRM for your business 

Written by Shampa Bagchi on April 27, 2018

CRMs help you run your marketing campaigns, nurture sales leads, close deals and build long-lasting customer. But with so many CRMs available in the market, how do you know what the right CRM for your business is?. Here are five steps to help you choose a CRM that will maximise profits, cut operating costs, and boost IT efficiencies.


Record management and regulatory compliance  

Written by Ana Canteli on April 20, 2018

OpenKM is a document and electronic records management system, which provides the necessary tools for applying records management strategies. It lets the organizations comply with regulations while facilitating the use of records by the members of the company or public administrations.


Fax management 

Written by Ana Canteli on April 13, 2018

Fax can be considered an outdated system, but it is part of the computer legacy of many organizations that are still used to communicate high-value information. The document management system allows the administration of faxes in the most efficient and effective way. File maintenance tasks, which provide easy access to faxes, improve customer service, business processes, compliance with regulations and the results of the audits.


Transportation document management software 

Written by Ana Canteli on April 06, 2018

The OpenKM document management system offers the necessary tools to improve the performance and satisfaction of all the stakeholders involved in the logistics sector, both transportation and logistics companies and customers.


Document management for agencies 

Written by Ana Canteli on 4 April 2018

The  OpenKM document management solution for agencies offer to consult firms the possibility of creating and consolidating the internal document repository, as well as the client’s, based on the advantages of the software.


AutoCAD viewer

Written by Ana Canteli on March 22, 2018

It is quite common for companies to want to manage all their information, including plans, in a single repository. This is where document management systems come into play. They should facilitate not only the storage but also the preview of these documents.


How to choose the best CMS software

Written by Ana Canteli on 13 March 2018

The acquisition of a content manager is a strategic decision that can be adapted to the changing needs of the business and adapt to the life cycle of the company. In fact, the web of your company will evolve with the market, with electronic commerce and the same should do your CMS.


The definitive GDPR Guide for business

Written by Nabeena Mali on February 27, 2018

With this GDPR guide, I hope to add some clarity, explaining what the General Data Protection Regulation is, which businesses it affects – and how – along with answers to some common questions frequently asked about the GDPR, and some steps you can take to move your business towards compliance.


Josep Llort

Definitive security guide for Joomla

Written by Josep Llort on February 13, 2018

Joomla is a content management system – CMS - that allows you to develop dynamic and interactive websites. In recent years it has become very popular to create websites, as other tools such as WordPress. These tools allow the creation of personal and professional web, online stores and facilitate maintenance of web contents to non-technical users.


Web content management

Written by Ana Canteli on February 06, 2018

Web content management software is a good option to keep the organization connected to its customers while reducing costs and offering the customer innovative experiences. Because if you are not present on the internet, it is very likely to be ignored by your target and dominated by competitors.


Enterprise information

Written by Ana Canteli on January 30, 2018

The enterprise information system is focused on the organization, control, and management of information within companies. It is an integrating discipline that serves to describe, structure and manage all information units; that gives answers to the legacy of the past, the urgency of the present and the uncertainty of the future.


Contract management

Written by Ana Canteli on January 19, 2018

The contract administration and management are essential for companies as part of the project management processes. The OpenKM document management system allows the efficient management of contracting processes; from its creation, through the execution phase, to the analysis, in a way that maximizes the performance of financial management and minimizes risk.


Document capture

Written by Ana Canteli on January 12, 2018

The main reason for using document capture or document imaging technologies is to improve the search and retrieve of information and be able to share knowledge throughout the organization. This contributes to increasing productivity, reduce costs, improving customer service, etc.


General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union - GDPR

Written by Ana Canteli on January 05, 2018

On May 25, 2,018, will come into force the New General Regulation of Data Protection of the European Union -GDPR-. Am I affected by compliance with the new regulation? What should I do to fulfill it? In this article, you will find the information you are looking for.

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