A dynamic application for constant growth

OpenKM is available to the Open-Source community through a GNU General Public License version 2 model.

OpenKM Community Edition is 100% free, ideal for small businesses with a few users and small repositories. It includes basic features such as workflows, OCR, and version control. It can also be integrated with any TWAIN scanner and accessed via mobile devices.

It can be installed on multiple operating systems, and you can use the most popular databases. Check out this page to learn more about our versions' differences.

The Community Edition of OpenKM is available for download directly from the OpenKM website.

The source code of this edition is available to the entire community, free to use, modify and redistribute under the premises of its license.

You can learn more about the OpenKM Community Edition by clicking on these links:

Enthusiastic developers and technicians support the Community Edition of OpenKM through the Community Forum.

The OpenKM developer team does not directly support the Community Edition of OpenKM. Consultations can only be made in the community forum and will be answered by other community members.

OpenKM Installation

Our Community Edition allows a straightforward repository migration to one of our paid versions. In some cases, we may even be able to assist in the process for free, depending on the repository's complexity and size. open_source