Fit the software to your requirements

OpenKM Dev-tools

OpenKM development tools is a suite of utilities that allows you to create a custom app tailored for your organization’s needs, easily handle your content, simplify your workflow, and increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

The OpenKM’s development tool suite is composed of:

  • OpenKM Development Environment
  • OpenKM SDK
  • OpenKM User Interface Development model
  • OpenKM KDocs
  • OpenKM Import Station

OpenKM Development Environment

The development environment is distributed as a virtual machine.

Distribution includes:

  • Completely functional OpenKM testing instance.
  • Eclipse-based development environment.
  • Report generation utility (iReport)
  • Workflow engine.
  • Examples of source code.


The software development toolkit allows the creation of applications in Java, .Net, and Node.js for OpenKM.

OpenKM SDK has a built-in library of web services (API) to access OpenKM through REST, providing full compatibility among OpenKM’s REST versions and web services versions, minimizing changes in its code.

OpenKM User Interface Development model

The application uses Spring Boot and Bootstrap. It is explicitly designed to enhance Spring framework's apps creation and maintenance process with a high degree of flexibility and reliability. It offers a simple yet complex solution to develop, implement, and Java applications keep up to date.

Spring Boot benefits:

  • Lower complexity.
  • Easy deployment.
  • Adaptable.
  • Safe.
  • Simple.
  • Fast.
  • Nonintrusive.
  • Widely used.

OpenKM KDocs

The application is meant to keep an organization’s online documents of products or services updated, allowing users to view and download files.

KDocs makes it easier to:

  • Duplicate documents and enable new versions to be created.
  • Link different product or service documentation versions.
  • Create Helpdesk Scripts.

Tech characteristics of:

  • Spring Boot and Bootstrap.
  • Template engine.
  • Freemarker (Change the design in real-time, based on the templates stored inside OpenKM’s repository).

OpenKM KDocs is, by default, linked to Freemaker and JSP templates engines. It can also easily be linked to other template engines like Thymeleaf. You can change the application’s design in–real-time with Freemaker’s templates without having to recompile the app using OpenKM’s repository templates.

OpenKM Import Station

Web app used to manage OpenKM’s repository import tasks.

Import Station tasks are based on a plugins system that allows extending import functionalities.