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How we work:

The most important thing for us is understand the problem you want to solve. Then we can provide one or more ways to solve it, usually there are more than one way to solve a problem. Our goal is trying to find out the easiest one.

Our consulting and technical team has acquired a significant experience in successfully deploying OpenKM platform across mid to large scale enterprises in various business segments including banking and finance, Oil & gas, energy, engineering, healthcare and public sector organizations.

What we offer you:

We can configure, parametrize or extend the OpenKM features to comply with your business needs. We can do the entire job ourselves or in collaboration with your technical team.

Usual customizations

  • Extend user interface features.
  • Create a customized user interface.
  • Integrate OpenKM with third-party applications.
  • Create new features.
  • Create workflows.
  • Specialized training adapted to your needs.
  • Create data capture processes.
  • Create automatic cataloging processes.
  • Create automatic importing and exporting processes.


OpenKM provides a workflow engine for defining and reusing business logic, simplifying business processes and helping employees coordinate effectively with both the organization and each other. By linking processes with content creation, OpenKM enables organizations to exchange transactional information and respond to quickly to new or changing business requirements.

  • Create complex workflows.
    • Workflow for reviewing, approval, validation.
    • Support for serial and parallel workflows.
  • Assign tasks to groups or users.
  • Monitor workflow tasks, statuses and process.
  • Configurable mail messages notification.

Automated tasks

Given a specific event, you can apply validation rules and create certain actions to be performed on the documents without human intervention. Some examples are:

  • Metadata Capture.
  • Classification of documents.
  • Automatic workflow execution.

The main advantages of automation are:

  • Increased productivity and reduced operational time.
  • Improved quality and high degree of accuracy.
  • Reduced direct human labor costs and expenses.


OpenKM provides an interoperable platform to capitalize on resources across applications and repositories enterprise-wide. We develop OpenKM with this goal on mind and provide several ways of integration:

  • OpenKM SDK's for Java, .Net and PHP.
  • Using the Webservices REST API
  • Authentication is pluggable and is easy to use an external user database, LDAP or Active Directory, SSO and CAS.
  • Even the data store can be configured to be deployed in any database as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server.

Available connectors: Autocad, MS Office, BonitaSoft, Kofax, Abby Flexicapture.

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