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Some of the challenges of an organization's knowledge management:

  • It is difficult to find the information distributed throughout the organization.
  • Organization's diverse geographical locations.
  • The work is done individually.
  • Finding worker's hidden skills.
  • Learned information is not being reused.
  • Information cannot be accessed from outside the office.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • How to identify and share learned lessons.
  • Reusing knowledge is faster than creating it again.
  • The knowledge must be stored in order to be reused.
  • Barriers to information sharing.
  • Lack of communication and information sharing.
  • Undefined organization' objectives.
  • Identify the types of knowledge into the organization.

Knowledge management is a decision support system that requires the implementation of a model that relates to the processes of learning - sometimes based on machine learning - and the capture and transferal of knowledge with everyday activities ( knowledge sharing process ).

The capture of know-how is not, by itself enough. In some ways, appropriate attitudes must be encouraged and a culture of mutual support must be fostered in the enterprise.

Learning tools and techniques should help create a favorable culture and predisposed attitudes towards sharing.

Basic characteristics of a knowledge management model ( knowledge management strategy ):

  • Promote connectivity between systems ( sharing management solutions ).
  • Create a working network or practical communities to share the know-how. Identify people with common interests or disciplines ( competitive intelligence ).
  • Identify how to capture what has been learned to reuse it.
  • Manage the evolution of know-how.
  • Foster a culture within the organization that encourages networking between people and collaborative work.
  • Establish processes to automatically distribute the information when it occurs to those people who may have an interest in making use of it.
  • Remove barriers that prevent information from being shared.
  • Universal Access to Information.
  • Set the types of knowledge into the organization.
  • Implement tools to connect people and processes ( knowledge sharing ).
  • Identify knowledge leaders in key locations.
  • The system must be flexible allowing it to adapt to changing processes within the organization.
  • The model must be periodically renewed.
  • Set strategies to codify the knowledge.
  • Set processes to transfer the knowledge.
  • Identify responsibilities and competencies.
  • Set processes to automatically identify information when is produced.
  • Encourage system integration ( capture knowledge ).
  • Share lessons learned.

Capturing and transferring the know-how of the Foinaven (northern Scotland) and Gulf of Mexico bases was a key factor in reducing planned development costs by 50 million dollar.

Director of Development.
Define a taxonomy

OpenKM allows you to set a single access point to all information - content management - using a taxonomy. The security model helps you to set what information users can access.

  • Simple for the user.
  • Basic functionality already built.
  • Easy and quick to deploy.
  • Helps to analyze results.
  • Simplifies processes.


Based on a Learning model - machine learning - and using existing data within the repository itself, OpenKM captures and identifies information for distribution and reuse.

Automatic cataloging

OpenKM management solutions, allows you to automate recurring processes using automated tasks. These processes reduce costs, minimize human error as well as discourage users from performing repetitive tasks that do not contribute to the knowledge.

OpenKM document management tasks are based on documents events - like a firewall paradigm concept, validate the rules and apply defined actions - and help you to automatically set your business logics. You can set rules based on events, for example move a document to a new destination, change security, apply document transformations (converting to PDF with group compression) among others. Thanks to OpenKM plug-in architecture, it is possible to make it easily extensible.


OpenKM document management system, offers a complete and configurable audit trail. It allows you to have documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected, at any time, a specific operation, procedure or event.


REST and CMIS Webservices

Networking CIFS, FTP and WebDAV protocols supported.

OpenKM enterprise content management, can be quickly integrated with third-party applications. There are available integrations with Bonitasoft BPM, Microsoft Office and Vtiger among others.

  • Multitenant.
  • Mail archiver.
  • Digital Signature and Cryptography
  • Integrated BPM engine.
  • Stamp ( Watermark ).
  • Reporting engine.
Knowledge base

OpenKM enterprise content management, allows you to create one or more repositories of knowledge and make them accessible to the entire organization. You can find a practical example at https://docs.openkm.com.

The Knowledge base for example, helps you to quickly build a business directory ( capture knowledge process ).

Manage correspondence

OpenKM can be used to store all physical correspondence of the company, printed documents - through digitization processes - as well as emails, saved into the repository.

Create distribution channels

Automatically distribute custom information for users or groups of interest as it is produced within the repository.

  • Universal multi-device access.
  • Task management.
  • Calendar.
  • Forum.
  • Wiki.
  • Notes and annotations in documents.
  • Collaborative editing.

Help in decision making

Help in data consolidation for decision making (DSS Decision Support System).

Automatic reports for control.

Automatic metadata capture

OpenKM document management system Zone OCR is a data capture and document processing system ( capture knowledge ). It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure into business-ready data. Thanks to OpenKM architecture it is possible to integrate with commercial technology like Abby Flexicapture, Kofax and Cognitive Forms among others.

Advanced preview

There are available extensions for previewing AutoCAD and DICOM files. Thanks to OpenKM plug-in architecture, it is possible to make it easily extensible to other formats.

Version control

Version control is the management of changes to documents. Changes are usually identified by a number or letter code, termed the "revision number". Each revision is associated with a timestamp and the person making the change. Revisions can be graphically compared and restored.

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