It combines training with the launching of the application


In all cases, after we evaluate your case, we propose to you an specific training path to fit your real needs and timing, offering the level of detail appropriate for your project.

Always expert training right from the source. Our training is developed by product experts at OpenKM and is offered in various delivery options tailored to you.

Providing a roadmap to success through customized training provides a framework for end-users to master the skills required to utilize the customized application.

Strong end-user adoption ensures that users understand the application's functionality and have acquired the application's skills effectively.

Our offerings include:
  • Custom End User Training.
  • Live online training.

Custom End User Training

  • Application administration skills.
  • End-user enablement training sessions.
  • Complete customizations.
  • Integrations.
  • Workflows.
  • Individualized sessions per company.
  • Reduced number of assistants.
  • Direct contact with the OpenKM team of developers.
  • Code review.

Online Live Training.

  • OpenKM Administrator Course.
  • OpenKM Certified Consultant.
  • Workflows Course.
  • Basic User Training. Free

OpenKM Administrator Course

Location: OpenKM Online Platform

Requirements: technical profile or skills are recommended.

The OpenKM Administrator online course provides the necessary knowledge for developing and expanding the document management software.

Content: Download administrator course content
Basic concepts
  • Start the application on Linux.
  • Start the application on Windows.
Basic administration functionalities
  • Distribution of the administration functionalities.
  • Definition of document types (mime types.)
  • How to use the documentation.
  • Statistics Panel.
  • User Management.
  • Security Basics.
  • Profile Management.
  • Relations.
  • CSS style management.
  • Reports.
  • Audit.
  • Automation.
  • Workflow.
  • Stamp.
  • Crontab.
  • Zonal OCR.
  • Language management.
  • Advanced utilities.
  • Settings.
  • Login page customization.
  • Password Validation.

Installation process
  • Linux.
  • Windows.
  • Integration with AD.

OpenKM Certified Consultant

Location: OpenKM Online Platform

The training is aimed at non-expert personnel in documentary management, such as Pre-Sales and After-Sales Consultants, Project Managers, Document Management Technicians, to acquire basic knowledge and theoretical concepts of document management on:

  • The design and implementation of a document management system.
  • The parts that make up a document management system.
  • Its application and management on the OpenKM platform.
Content: Download Certified Consultant content
Documentary management in the company's processes
  • Documents, company and knowledge society.
  • Basics of document management.
  • Good practices for document management.
Designing a documental management system
  • Contextual analysis and documentary needs in the company.
  • Parameters for DMS definition.
  • Construction of the document management system.
Setup and parameterization of OpenKM
  • Introduction to OpenKM.
  • Setting up OpenKM.
  • Practical application in OpenKM.
  • OpenKM information retrieval.


Location: OpenKM Online Platform

  • Requirements.
  • Design.
  • Construction.
  • Implementation.
  • Structure.
  • Swimlanes.
  • Node condition.
  • Manual approvals.
  • Timers.
  • Versions.
  • Automated actions.

Basic User Training

Location: OpenKM Online Platform Free

  • Introduction.
  • Explorer and properties.
  • Notes and safety.
  • History, preview, and relationships.
  • Workflows and signatures.
  • Extensions, stamping and automation.
  • Templates, reports and search engine.
  • Task manager and OCR.

Why invest in training

Properly trained professionals have a broader product understanding that allows them to leverage all they learn in a structured training program to help them focus on what it is important, avoid common pitfalls, and become more adept at resolving problems, even spotting and avoiding them before they occur.

Training will help you achieve a greater return on your investment and begin realizing that return sooner. By substantially reducing time-to-proficiency, training will enable your organization to:

  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Meet business objectives more quickly.
  • Reduce errors during installation, configuration, and deployment.
  • Employ consistent training across functional teams.
  • Empower end-users to utilize the application to maximize business benefits.

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