Find the valuable info you need faster

OpenKM effortlessly captures unstructured information from any digital source. All collected data is stored and used in a single workspace. Users can browse, enrich, and edit information gathered from various sources within an available application.

Any application can be integrated with OpenKM through our API, with OpenKM acting as the producer or consumer of information.

Teams can enrich shared documents by holding text discussions, editing any file type, and attaching all supporting materials to a final report.


  • Web Client: documents can be accessed anywhere; no client software installation is required.
  • Intuitive and quick user interface using AJAX.
  • It runs on the most popular browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Languages Available: German, Arabic, Catalan, Bosnian, Chinese Simple, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Euskera, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
  • Preview multimedia files.
  • Web Administration.
  • WebDAV.
  • CIFS
  • FTP
  • Drag & drop (files or documents) from the desktop.
  • Support for iPhone & Android


  • IMAP & POP3 email collection.
  • Configuring of User's Account.
  • Imports text, HTML, and attachments.
  • Metadata capture.
  • Automatically imports and sorts of filters.
  • Import EML and MSG.

1D / Linear Barcodes

  • Codabar.
  • Code 39.
  • Code 93.
  • Code 128.
  • EAN-8 and EAN-13.
  • ITF.
  • UPC-A and UPC-E.
  • RSS-14.
  • RSS Expanded.
  • Extensible to other formats.

2D / Matrix Barcodes

  • Data Matrix.
  • PDF 417.
  • QR Code.
  • Aztec.
  • Extensible to other formats.
Microsoft Office Add-in

  • MS Add-in support from 2000 and 2019.
  • MS Outlook Add-in.
  • MS Word Add-in.
  • MS Excel Add-in.
  • MS PowerPoint Add-in.
  • MS Visio Add-in.
  • MS Access Add-in.
  • MS Project Add-in.


  • Scans and secures the storage of all paper documents.
  • Unlimited OCR.
  • Reads binary, grayscale, or color images
  • Text extraction, support with dictionaries.
  • Data searching in TIFF.
  • Integrable with most Open Source and Commercial OCR engines.


  • Virus-scanning of all uploaded documents.

Desktop Sync

  • Sync desktop with folders in OpenKM.
  • Import folders from the desktop.

Electronic Invoicing

  • Invoice extracting in XML format.
  • Invoice validation by digital signature.
  • E-invoice in PDF format.
  • Ability to send notifications.

Digital Signature Client

  • Digitally sign electronic documents.

Scanner Client

  • Capture images from scanners.
  • Convert to PDF (optional).
  • Upload to OpenKM setting metadata values.
  • Add and delete images in PDF format.
  • Compression to PDF Group 4.
PDF tools

  • Split selected pages into separate PDF files.
  • Rotate selected pages.
  • Extraction of pages to create new files.
  • Remove selected pages.

OpenKM allows enterprise users to efficiently distribute information needed to solve problems and make decisions by sharing and collaborating information through shared folders, thread discussions, and e-mail.

OpenKM's search agents (custom channels for each user) deliver quality content that enables you to develop your work.

Document management

  • Bulk upload of documents (ZIP files).
  • Download folders as ZIP files.
  • Lock / Unlock documents.
  • Manage Favorites.
  • Select the default startup folder.
  • Support for document templates.
  • Personal documents section for each user.
  • Recycle Bin for each user.
  • Send e-mail notifications.
  • URL for Documents sent via e-mail.
  • Send documents as an email attachment.
  • Add notes onto documents.
  • Messaging (share queries / subscriptions / send messages to users).
  • Chat Service.
  • Extraction of metadata from documents.
  • Unique document identifier.
  • User Tags.
  • Tags in the thesaurus.
  • Tag Cloud.
  • Categorization.
  • Relations between documents, folders, and emails.
  • Forums.
  • Document generation with the wizard. (Forms and documents are generated together with a final report).
  • Add Watermarks on documents (text or image).
  • Programmable automatic cataloging.
  • Intelligent extraction of keywords.
  • Operation with multiple files.
  • Text to speech converter.
  • Expiration of documents.
  • Live edit.


  • Create complex workflows.
  • Capacity to create Workflows for review, approval, and validation.
  • Serial and parallel workflows.
  • Assign tasks to groups or users.
  • Monitor workflow tasks, status, and processes from the dashboard.
  • Configurable e-mail messages notification.
  • Automatically execute workflows based on a folder or folder type.

Document previsualization

  • AutoCAD.
  • MS Office family.
  • Open Office family.
  • PDF.
  • Sound and video.
  • Images.

Version control

  • Based on the check-in / check-out model.
  • Add comments to versions.
  • Documents previous versions access.
  • Restore previous versions of the document.
  • Allows history compaction to free up space.


  • Add groups to the system properties (metadata).
  • Supports various formats: inputs, dates, links, simple lists, multiple selection lists, text areas.
  • Internationalization of metadata values.
  • Position sorting of metadata on a user interface.


  • User view (document edited, locked, unloaded, signed, last modified, last uploaded).
  • Overview (documents most viewed/modified, the last week/month last uploaded, last modified).
  • New agent user search.
  • View workflow.
  • View e-mail and attachments.
  • Cloud document search and navigation.
  • RSS Feed.
  • OpenMeetings integration.

Task manager

  • Create tasks.
  • Assign and control complete tasks.
  • Manage status and projects related to tasks.
  • Configurable mail message notifications.


  • Create tasks.
  • Move or change task duration.
  • Moth, week, or daily view.

OpenKM allows you to turn information into valuable intellectual capital and actionable assets for the enterprise. It helps organizations realize the potential of corporate knowledge faster.

OpenKM integrates all essential document management, collaboration, and advanced search functions into an intuitive and easy-to-use system. The application includes administrative tools to define the roles of users, set access control, set user quotas, secure documents, and set up automation.

OpenKM improves your productivity by mapping everyday work processes to help deliver high adoption rates.

Search engine

  • Searches for documents by content, keyword, date modified, author, and document type. Automatically indexes uploaded document formats: Text, HTML, RTF, XML, PDF,, MS Office, MS Office 2007, EXIF JPEG, MP3 ID3.
  • Search by synonyms.
  • Searches are ordered by relevance.
  • Search using metadata group properties.
  • Allows storing queries.
  • Advanced searches using SQL
  • Users news.
  • Hierarchical directory structure-based search.
  • Selection of search objects, folders, e-mails, documents, or records.
  • Allows usage of tags to find documents.
  • Allows the use of metadata to locate documents.
  • Simple and advanced search.
  • Allows sorting of results based on set criteria.
  • Download Options and locating of document files from the results view.
  • Stemming, stop words, and synonyms.
  • News services.


  • Full user audit (trace log). All user operations are recorded and stored in a database.
  • Show logged users.
  • Unlock and remove published documents.
  • View the repository.
  • Advance searches using SQL.
  • Comprehensive activity log.
  • Imports documents and folders from the file system.
  • Export the repository file system.
  • Workflows management.
  • Reports (jasper).
  • Thesaurus imports (OR RDF OWL formats).
  • View configuration settings.
  • User quota.
  • User profiles. (Functions for which a user can access).
  • Task Scheduler (scheduler).
  • Smart Tasks.
  • Macros.


  • View documents in the structure of the thesaurus.
  • Automatic extraction of keywords.
  • SKOS based training module and documents.


  • Plug-in for JAAS based authentication.
  • Support for LDAP, Active Directory, DBMS (via a configuration file). By default, OpenKM comes with an embedded database.
  • List of granular access control.
  • Flexibility in the selection of inheritance of list control access.
  • Management of users and roles securities.
  • Permissions on folders, documents and records.
  • Record of every user operation.
  • Support for SSL communications.
  • Cryptography (encrypts and decrypts documents).
  • Electronic signature.


  • Kofax.
  • Abby Flexicapture.
  • Cognitive forms.
  • Flexi-bar.
  • 2D barcode reader.
  • Active Directory.
  • LDAP.
  • SSO, CAS (authentication).
  • Canon IW DS.
  • Third-party application using web services.
  • Third-party application using CMIS.
  • Third-party application using Rest.
  • Automatic synchronization to Windows, and Linux desktops.
  • SDK for Java, .NET and PHP.
  • Ms Office Add-in.