Allen G. CDX Diagnostics.

Our company has begun using the OpenKM professional edition after about one year of using the free Community Edition. The advanced feature set is robust and excellent. We are slowly incorporating it into our IT infrastructure. To a very enthusiastic staff. Tech Support is very responsive and very, very good. We are glad to have joined the OpenKM family.

David R. Whipactsys.

OpenKM has proven to be an extremely cost effective document management system. It replaced a system which originally was priced over $100,000 and whose maintenance costs were in excess of $25,000 annually. The functionality serves all of the same functions and it has proven to be a very stable and easy to maintain environment. OpenKM's support services have been excellent assisting in everything from trouble shooting to upgrades. We are extremely happy with the product and the support of it

Santiago A. SifizSoft.

Our experience with OpenKM has been good since we have been able to order our documentation, secure it and, above all, keep it adequately, allowing access at all times from any place where we are.