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How Schools and Universities Can Benefit From Using a Document Management System 

Written by Bridgette Hernandezon June 11, 2021

Consider how many students attend each educational institution, and envision a number of documents each student prepares. If you multiply both numbers, you will be left with an insurmountable amount of files, which need to be received, organized, and stored. This is where document management systems can come into play



How document management protects your business information  

Written by Ana Cantelion June 04, 2021

The document management system incorporates multiple functionalities that allow organizations to meet the most demanding security requirements of regulations and laws



Digital preservation

Written by Ana Cantelion May 21, 2021

The purpose of digital archiving is to guarantee the preservation and use of information in the long term, which is why it is so important to address it, not in isolation but as a whole, taking into account all the tasks that compose it



How You Can Benefit from Document Management 

Written by Jane Travison May 07, 2021

A successful project for the transition to electronic document management software will give the company undeniable advantages



How to improve financial management 

Written by Ana Cantelion April 30, 2021

Being responsible for your company's financial health is a critical task that we shouldn't take lightly. Hence, it is logical that any company is interested in improving its financial management



Automatic Invoice Management 

Written by Ana Cantelion April 16, 2021

Request a demo to see how automatic invoice processing simplifies invoice management, improves supplier relationships, and ensures company security



How Does Document Management Improve the Employee Experience? 

Written by Rosa Hemmingon April 09, 2021

The era of wasted time in document management has passed. Using DMS offers a lot of benefits



Training in the implementation of a document management system 

Written by Ana Cantelion March 26, 2021

With this training program, the people in charge of proposing a document management system will have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan the document management project successfully



System for Approving Different Types of Documents in Collaborative Work from Home 

Written by Igor Grgur, OpenKM Serbia staff member on 23 March 2021 

Companies can achieve speed more successfully, internal, and external service quality, and adequate employee performance



Implementing a DMS in the new pandemic conditions 

Written by Igor Grgur, OpenKM Serbia staff member on 12 March 2021 

OpenKM is not only a brilliant and priority choice but is also very well known for its ease of implementation, simplicity of use, the degree of acceptance by employees and stakeholders, as well as the specific ROI



Sophisticated Cyber Crimes and DMS Online Security 

Written by Samantha Kayleeon March 05, 2021

Why Internet Security is a big problem, and why we all need strong Cybersecurity



Optimize Work Efficiency with OpenKM and CmisSync 

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on February 26, 2021 

OpenKM and CmisSync allow the user to obtain local storage and access benefits without incurring any of the unlinked local-storage down-sides



Data Protection Compliance 

Written by Ana Cantelion February 22, 2021

 If you create, receive, or manage personal data, you must comply with data protection regulations; from being up to date with current laws to develop a compliance strategy, which guarantees that the regulations are followed


What Benefits of Using Document Scanning Services for Digitizing Your Records 

Written by Gregory V. Chapmanon February 05, 2021

When you complete your scanning and digitization process, you can begin to get these benefits discussed below 



Benefits of Document Management in Teleworking 

Written by Ana Cantelion January 29, 2021 

In many cases, document management systems are the cornerstone around which the entire telework ecosystem is organized



Multitenant Architecture 

Written by Ricardo Álvarez, OpenKM USA staff member on January 22, 2021 

OpenKM’s Multi-Tenant Architecture means that one software instance runs on a single server, and multiple tenants access their specific sections of the multitenant database and repository



The Ultimate Guide for Creating a Document Management Plan

Written by Ana Mayeron January 20, 2021 

 Creating a strong documentation management plan is a reliable way your company can prepare for the future after 2020


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