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Certified e-mail 

Written by Carlo Olivieri - OpenKM Italiaon 20 May 2022

Despite being an Italian peculiarity, government activities have been underway since 2018 to make the PEC compliant with the EU standard



Advanced Optical Character Recognition 

Written by Ana Cantelion 13 May 2022

Advanced OCR expands the number of cases in which optical character recognition can be successfully implemented in the document processes and business processes that the organization wishes



Optical Caracter Recognition 

Written by Ana Cantelion 6 May 2022

OpenKM includes an optical character recognition engine to expand use cases and thus extend the potential of software functionalities that the organization requires



Integration of document management system and ERP 

Written by Ana Cantelion 29 April 2022

Although, at first, it may seem that both software overlap, a multitude of advantages can be obtained from their integration



How to Close the Digital Skills Gap with Document Management

Written by Michelle Thomason 22 April 2022

No matter the skill level of your employees, automated document management processes will ensure that your files are stored and managed efficiently


Improve customer service with a DMS 

Written by Ana Cantelion 8 April 2022

Using the right management platform for our business is vital to ensure the best customer relationship



Intelligent Information Management 

Written by Ana Cantelion 1 April 2022

The digital transformation of information and intelligent information management go hand in hand since both approaches aim to provide a better customer experience and a better work environment



Data management 

Written by Ana Cantelion 29 March 2022

There are more and more companies whose core is data management



DMS implementation methodology 

Written by Ana Cantelion 18 March 2022

In this post, we will show the OpenKM implementation process in broad strokes



Quality Management System 

Written by Ana Cantelion 11 March 2022

The OpenKM document management system has been successfully implemented in organizations that have obtained the certification of their quality management system



Top 7 Digital Tools To Boost Your Business In 2022 

Written by Thomas Salvatorion 04 March 2022

The essential thing is to decide and launch your business into the digital world



Digital asset management 

Written by Ana Cantelion 25 February 2022

The managed asset's value is only realized if it is accessible to authorized users; hence, the objective of digital asset management software is to facilitate access and use of them



Jobs from home 

Written by Ana Cantelion 18 February 2022

The opportunity to work and leave home goes hand in hand with an online business



Document repository import 

Written by Ana Cantelion February 11, 2022

To choose the most suitable import strategy for your company, do not hesitate to ask our experts, who will advise you according to your needs



The Importance Of Document Management For Every Business 

Written by Nancy Howardon February 04, 2022

Streamline your document management process and other business operations with the help of a fitting document management system and start seeing long-term results from it



Insurance Management 

Written by Ana Cantelion January 28, 2022

The management of the insured's interests can generate a great deal of information and documentation from very different fields, as many as types of insurance are



Digitization for SMEs 

Written by Ana Cantelion January 21, 2022

At the beginning of the new year, what better purpose than to equip ourselves with a digitization plan that allows us to improve our expectations for the future



How to Effectively Adopt a Paperless System in the Workplace

Written by Raymond Chiuon January 14, 2022

If you want to reap those benefits, make sure to follow the steps listed in this post

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