Discover how OpenKM features are applied to real-life problems.

OpenKM Talk Live

The next session is on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 1:00 pm EDT

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OpenKM Talk Live is a monthly, live session devoted entirely to discovering how OpenKM’s features can help you in real life.

The duration of the session is about 60 minutes. The first 40 minutes are focused on OpenKM’s features, followed by a 20 minutes Q&A session.

The webinar explains:

  • A brief user interface overview.
  • Working with documents.
  • Searching documents.
  • Metadata, categories, and keyword features.
  • Automatic tasks.
  • On-demand specific feature descriptions.

Registering for the event here will give you a reminder email. If you leave a question on this page, we will address it during the session. Otherwise, please ask your questions during the live session. The event website will include a web chat so that you can participate in the discussion.

In the Webinar Archive website section, you have access to all past webinars.