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Software management for agencies

Ana CanteliWritten by Ana Canteli on July 13, 2018

Document management systems are a basic project management tool for the agencies since the vast majority of the information they manage is based on documents.

Enterprise content systems are also used to provide agencies with a time tracking tool used for each project, in a way that helps them manage the time spent offering their services; to control the time used by the personnel dedicated to the projects of the clients and assign tasks or favor the active collaboration of the team, among other characteristics.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the use of new technologies marks the difference between permanence or growth in the sector or the disappearance of the organization. The intensive use of technology in the business means that companies can benefit from the digital transformation, a phenomenon that allows them to diversify and strengthen their position in the market, in a way unimaginable before at the same time that they can benefit as well from the business intelligence.

The agencies, projects or marketing agencies, dedicated to project managements or creative projects that offer digital marketing services or the management of digital projects, they especially need a project management tool designed specifically for this type of services. The agency project needs resource planning and capacity planning features to know what they have to accomplish the marketing project; compare them with those currently available and therefore act accordingly. The project management software must provide utilities to track the resources - time tracking - used for the proper accounts management. This utility will allow them not only to control possible deviations in the project management software but also, if necessary, they can justify in detail all the tasks carried out in the agency project.

In this context, the OpenKM agencies project manager software can be the ideal solution to solve the challenges that the management of the documentation and available resources suppose for these organizations. OpenKM project manager software allows the linking of documentation to projects, which are assigned to users through the task manager included in the system. Employees who participate in the project will receive a notification of their incorporation into the project (by email, through the mobile app) and can use the OpenKM collaboration tools to maintain communication with their peers alongside the management tools to support the teamwork projects. Users can also directly access the documentation related to the project.

Keywords can be added to files, categories, or even metadata - high-value information linked to the document or file considered to be particularly useful. You can also add notes to them, or show the relationships that link one file with another and what kind of relationship they have. For more information, marketing agency members can exchange opinions or different points of view in the Forum section. Moreover, in the Wiki section, they can highlight the bibliography, resource management or mandatory requirements with which they must comply. Even the OpenKM licensing system allows the insertion of additional users, so for example, the project's client can access those contents that the marketing agency considers necessary. For example, the client can request a demo in real time using the resource scheduling feature of the company that, being agencies project manager software, will allow you to automatically improve the profitability of your agency project management and the satisfaction of your clients. The OpenKM document management system saves the time manages for the parties involved, since the agencies project manager software allows the monitoring of the project as it progresses, and the project manager can count on the client's assessments so that the team collaboration improves the marketing agency performance. Participants can subscribe to the contents of the project management tool and receive notifications every time a change occurs.

On the other hand, OpenKM's software management for agencies allows administrative agencies, digital agencies, advertising agencies or creative project firms to manage the privacy policy according to the new data protection regulations. This system allows your firm to update the legal notice to adapt to the new legislative framework, adapt the cookie policy to the new standard and allow access to OpenKM software for clients through a customized interface. Therefore, the clients access to the management platform for their projects. All the activity developed in these personalized environments is controlled by the OpenKM project management software. In fact, each content can be audited from the Activity Log tab, which offers complete traceability of all the events that have happened on the file.

Also, to make the marketing project management easier, time tracking and the acquisition of information, OpenKM agency project management system provide templates, both for internal management and to smoothly user experience.

The OpenKM document management solution can also be used to improve various business processes of your office about your customers. Through the automation business processes, so that a process or service does not reach more advanced stages if the stipulated requirements are not met. Such management tool facilitates tasks such as billing for consulting, project accounting, pipeline management, etc. Another tool available in OpenKM's management software is the workflow engine integrated into the system. It allows creating a channel of communication and optimal collaboration between the members of the process.

Moreover, if you want to delve into the transition to the digital world, digitalization projects can be accompanied thanks to the OpenKM zonal OCR. With it, we can recognize the documents types with which the company works and turn paper documents into electronic files with all the benefits that imply. Lower storage costs, security improvement - in OpenKM users will see the documents on which they have access rights and may develop other activities if they have been enabled to perform those tasks - collaboration and communication facilities and linked cost savings to the electronic management of documentation.

Moreover, the OpenKM management system for agencies, offers integration facilities with other applications (ERP, iMeet Central, Zoho Projects), thanks to the Java, PHP and .NET SDKs. This way the fluid integration of the software in the suite of programs of the agency is guaranteed.

Management software has become the fundamental element to provide a reliable, collaborative and agile project management environment that facilitates the accomplishment of tasks to the personnel in an efficient and satisfactory way for both the agency and the clients.

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