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Ana CanteliWritten by Ana Canteli on 30 january

Within the information management, we find a management system whose objective is the organization, control and management of information in companies; we are talking about enterprise information management.

An enterprise information management – EIM - tries to provide the optimal use of information within the organization. To do this, it combines enterprise content management systems, document management software, email management, business process automation, customer experience management, or business intelligence – BI -, predictive analytics, among other techniques and more complex strategies; such as those related to knowledge management or human resources management.

We observe then, digital transformation in action when business information systems bring together different types of systems and disciplines; whose central axis should be helping in the framework of information management, being a support system in the control of the management, the business decision making and in general; everything related to the management of the information, like the customer experience. So that the operations carried out in the company are optimal.

The enterprise information systems mean, in turn, a data management integrating discipline that serves to describe, structure and manage all the units that contain information in the company –master data-; beyond technological or organizational limitations, and promote data quality, transparency and knowledge management. They are the result of the evolution of traditional information management practices; motivated by the overwhelming growth of information, the speed and complexity of the media, systems, regulations and policies in organizations.

The management of information in the company is what allows us to grow and innovate, and subsequently ensure our future. Through the rationalization of business processes, improve the quality of information, while minimizing risks.

Therefore, one of the questions that haunt us when we think of enterprise information systems and they area;  What is information? And what is its meaning?

Any business is information, is data management in deep. It does not matter if you sell footwear, you manage insurance, you take charge of the hotel occupation, or if you manage the availability in a dental clinic ... - any planning, order, purchase, product, service; consume and provide information -. Then, the growth and stability of a company are more linked than ever to the information systems they house.

In addition, information defines our relationships with our environment; in the sector, in the company, with our partners, work teams ... The crux is in making the most of the information present in the enterprise information system - information management strategies - . For this to be possible, the system must see the information and decisions in the company as part of a whole.

The enterprise information managemement – EIM - will allow to see how information and operational processes flow throughout the organization and runs the information governance . The flow of information is partly a process, but also the result of organizational design, part of the technical capabilities of the company, and a result of collaboration. A good enterprise content management allows, create, capture, distribute and consume information.

Benefits of a Enterprise Information Management

Getting to align the way in which the company manages the business, with the corporate or management objectives, leads to the visible improvement of results.

To achieve an effective and efficient enterprise information management software, it is necessary to start from a general approach that gives answers to the legacy of the past, the urgency of the present and the uncertainty of the future.

With legacy we refer to the preexisting information technology in the company, which contain information of such importance that they cannot be ignored, or that it is very expensive to migrate. The enterprise information management system of OpenKM provides SDK'S in Java, PHP and .NET that allows the digital transformation, letting the integration of the software with any third application present in the company or that will be acquired in the future. In this way, the appearance and persistence of underused information silos in the organization is also avoided.

It must also provide confidence by establishing a security framework that covers the scenarios that occur in the company. Today, employees can use platforms such as Google or Dropbox to store and share information. Without realizing it, they are extracting information from the company, while violating the security established on the information, the data protection policy, or the intellectual property rights that such content may have.

The OpenKM enterprise content management system provides a platform for the complete management of all the information of the organization, regardless format and applying security in 3 levels. Users must have credentials to access the information system. Depending on the profile assigned, OpenKM will offer you a customized view, adjusted to your needs and expectations. Finally, users have the possibility to establish security at the granular level; that means, each folder, document, record or email can have a different security, suitable for each case. In addition, users can also use the platform to collaborate or share information with colleagues; through features such as wedDAV, online chat, sending notifications, etc.

Enterprise information management systems must offer user interfaces designed to maximize the end-user experience, from the same platform. In this sense, the KCenter platform of OpenKM provides the possibility of customizing the document management system so the instance adapts to the work environment requirements that are to be achieved. For example, it can be used to regularly publish information of interest to our target audience- press releases, social media - ; or create a personalized access platform for our stakeholders. In addition, free software means having technology that will adapt with the company to current and future needs.

An enterprise information management – eim - system should allow us to analyze all the information. The OpenKM enterprise content management system, through the Reports feature obtains detailed information on any aspect that is of interest to us. The management of metadata allows us to add valueble information, or even search for content through the search engine, using metadata as a search criteria. The task manager that incorporates the system is also a good tool to analyze business information; since it allows managing projects, establish meetings; in a way that helps staff to work as a team and organize better.

The information management maturity is measured by the capacity of the enterprise information system to process it. The OpenKM information management software incorporates a workflow engine that allows companies to optimize business processes. And an EIM is also valued because of its capacity for contextualization. The users, in the Forum section, linked to any content within OpenKM, can share or appreciate information related to the documents they manage. In the Dashboard area of ​​OpenKM, you will find information about your activity, ordered by indicators. This area of ​​work will also allow you to access other extra features, which will make your daily work more comfortable, agile and therefore more productive.

The information management systems provide a holistic view of the information in the company, of the know-how and knowledge trapped or hidden, between the different departments and technologies used in the company; that do not surface because they are contained in silos.

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