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Improvements of UI and UX of OpenKM

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on September 24, 2021

User experience (UX) is one of OpenKM’s top priorities. Our software engineers developed a friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use graphical user interface. An attractive graphical user interface can become another tool for the organization's digital marketing strategy and even an inbound marketing highlight.

By default, OpenKM provides two options for its graphical user interface:

  • Classic, ideal for conventional environments.
  • Modern, a modern user interface with a solid responsive web design, prepared for touch screens, enabling users to feel comfortable accessing the document management software from any device.

Some of the improved UI features of OpenKM are:

Web Page Import

You can step into any node in the repository and import a web page in pdf format.


Task Manager

 Users can create tasks and assign them to other users.

Tasks can involve multiple users, including actors like the auditors of the task or event.

New display tab for “Notified tasks”.


Massive actions

The system allows enhanced control over massive actions, protecting the process in its entirety.

Users can manage the massive action, allowing subsequent actions or error corrections.


When copying a file, users can specify the name of the document copy.


Security privileges for Editing or deleting notes can be assigned to the profiles.

Metadata groups can be assigned to each profile, allowing control to decide which users can visualize or add specific metadata groups, and even configure the privilege to edit its values.

Documents from Templates

If a document is created from a template, users can trace its source document by looking at its properties tab. If a document template is removed, previously created documents will include this information.

Current Path

The system indicates the current work area whenever users access the templates, reports, online editor, or email accounts functionalities.



The system opens a new screen for managing the workflows. To facilitate navigation, expand or collapse buttons have been included. This allows users to access the node's properties panel and the workflow data in a single view.

Additionally, upload fields for documents are now optional.

Maximum File Size 

By default, when uploading files from the graphical user interface, the default maximum size is 4GB. The administrator can change this value.


Notifications linked to more than one content can be sent simultaneously, resulting in one email per file notified.


You can preview the report before downloading or saving the file.


History Tab

The layout of the history tab has been simplified to improve the navigation experience. It includes all the previous functionalities.



 Whenever the assignment or modification of metadata involves changing a file's location, the user will be informed of the event.

My Documents – Root Security

 To improve the security, only the Administrator will be able to create new nodes at the root of the My Documents section. Regular users will still be able to continue creating folders in their personal area.

Document Security

Whenever a user launches a process that affects several nodes, the security button will be blocked until the end of the procedure. When the procedure is finished, the security button will return to its active status, letting the user know that the changes have been implemented.

Login Security

There is now a Forgot password button on the login screen. Clicking on it prompts the user to type the username. The system will send a one-time code to reset the password.

Error Notifications

Improved typing of error names and descriptions.


Pagination in the Dashboard/Home Area

We have included pagination in the activity indicators of the dashboard area.


OpenKM includes a generic barcode stamping tool. The barcode can assign a sequential number or look up the value of a metadata field. OpenKM can work with various types of barcodes. This functionality can be part of automation.

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