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How to build a strong employer brand

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on September 23, 2022

The brand image of an entity has always been an essential element of a company's identity. It differentiates itself from competitors and achieves many other objectives - from the branding strategy to improving the organization's positioning in many facets. The brand identity is automatically associated with a series of values ​​ identified with the corporate culture. If the brand strategy is successful, it will manage to build a solid brand in the collective imagination.

Before, branding strategies were oriented almost exclusively towards potential customers or attracting the ideal customer. Because aspects such as the company's culture or the attraction of talent were not elements directly linked to the corporate image, nor were they part of the communication strategy of a solid brand until now. 

The digital transformation has permeabilized dimensions of life, which were previously only accessible through a direct relationship. Just as today, people freely share information on social media, the same goes for a company's brand image. A successful brand's branding strategy must consider the company's image as a substantial employer. Only then can an organization afford an effective talent acquisition plan.

And to increase the value of a company as a good employer, the company must offer the best management tools because attracting the best talent is not trivial. Currently, many web pages collect the opinion of former or current employees who express their opinion about the organization. The most reliable idea is usually those we can ask in person. But as long as that is not possible, assessments based on data such as corporate culture, internal communication, or experience are inevitably considered when defining the brand idea in the candidates' minds.

Among the aspects of a brand's personality, we could consider dynamism as one of the values ​​of the company's culture. The best talent is unlikely to be attracted by the prospect of having to walk into a traditional office daily on a fixed schedule. If we want to make working conditions more flexible without undermining the seriousness of a solid brand, we can offer information management solutions such as OpenKM.

All companies manage information in many formats; some of them - in the end, most of them, for a human being to read - documents, which offer various advantages due to their characteristics. Still, at the same time, they demand specific conditions. Suppose the company knows in detail the conditions of use of its information and documentation, all the better. This means that the company knows what the document security policy is, which will contribute to improving the brand image. And it will provide security to the employees. They will be able to use the document management platform as a tool that helps them in their daily work, not as a headache or a source of problems to avoid.

A sound document management system adds value to the entire company. It makes it work as a whole and gives it cohesion by improving the coordination and collaboration of the employees, who are now more than willing to continue working for the company but under different conditions. Incorporated into the brand strategy, the proper use of document management software will limit remote work's physical and intellectual distance because the most significant amount of information we exchange is non-verbal, which becomes practically invisible in this work.

However, offering more options to our staff is not an obstacle. Training objectives are included in any self-respecting career plan. In document management, OpenKM offers courses oriented to different profiles from OpenKM Academy. The OpenKM e-learning platform improves the acceptance of the program by the staff and shortens the training period.

In addition, all the functionalities present in the document management system allow the implementation of the company's business processes through automation, workflows, and optical character recognition, among other options that contribute to:

  • ensure regulatory and legal compliance
  • minimize the incidence of human error
  • speed up business cycles
  • increase security
  • Reduce costs

With OpenKM, besides promoting remote work, document management can be improved globally by digitizing the company's archive. It is an essential step to consider when converting traditional jobs to telecommuting; otherwise, workers and customers will be hindered in achieving their goals.

Likewise, to offer a reliable online work platform, OpenKM's document management software integrates without limitations with any company application. This way, the organization can use the document manager as a front-end or back-end, depending on the case. And the open source technology of the system makes it easy to adapt the software to the company's future needs, which acquires OpenKM as an investment in the future.

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