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Optimizing KPI Management with OpenKM: Use Case in a Franchise

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on May 24, 2024

In today's business environment, measuring the performance and efficiency of business processes is essential to ensure business sustainability and long-term success. Key performance indicators (KPIs) play a critical role in this task, as they allow companies to evaluate their performance in different areas and make informed decisions to improve their performance.

Production KPIs: A Crucial Factor in Business Efficiency

The production KPI is one of the most important key indicators for many companies, as it provides a direct measure of their ability to generate products or services. This indicator can take various forms, such as the number of products manufactured, the production time per unit, or the efficiency of assembly lines.

In the context of a franchise with multiple outlets, effective production KPI management is crucial to ensure profitability and business growth. Each outlet must be able to operate efficiently and meet the quality standards set by the parent company.

OpenKM offers a comprehensive solution for the management of KPIs that can be adapted to any objective set by the organization. Its OpenKM Doc Request portal, an application for collecting information from users, both nominative and anonymous, who wish to c allows companies to collect data related to production, among other indicators, such as the number of products manufactured, production time per unit and machine downtime. This data can be analysed to identify areas for improvement and optimise production processes at each point of sale.

Other Types of Key Indicators: Beyond Production

In addition to the production KPI, there are other types of key indicators that are critical to measuring performance and efficiency in different business areas. For example, KPIs related to digital marketing are crucial for evaluating the impact of marketing strategies on lead generation and sales.

Digital marketing metrics can include the number of visitors to a website, the conversion rate of visitors to customers, and the return on investment in online advertising campaigns. These KPIs provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing strategies and help businesses make informed decisions about how to allocate their marketing resources more efficiently.

Business Case: Practical Use Case in a Franchise of Distributed Points of Sale

In the case of a franchise with points of sale, effective management of KPIs is crucial to ensure the success and continued growth of the business. With OpenKM and its OKM Doc Request environment, the franchise can easily collect and manage a wide variety of KPIs related to the performance of each point of sale and associated staff.

For example, the staff, in their session, can receive KPI reports for their completion. The organization can update those reports or send new ones based on the needs and opportunities that arise.

Using the OpenKM Doc Request, the company ensures that all parties receive their documentation on time, that it is managed securely and confidentially, and that all information can be filtered based on any data deemed relevant, to identify risks and opportunities for improvement. OpenKM captures the data entered by the user and creates a record identified with an alphanumeric code. Each user will identify themselves; You will have access to a record of your created, pending and issued documents, and, if necessary, you will also have access to a board of activities or tasks, assigned and pending, depending on your particular progress status.

The OpenKM Doc Request is also used to send each user the corresponding form at the beginning of the month. And it will also send reminders to those people who are late. All reports will be stored securely in OpenKM, where they can be searched by a multitude of criteria. By date, by user, by department, by office, by area; in short, by any indicator that is relevant, to generate new knowledge, and make better decisions.  The franchise can also use OpenKM to collect data on sales made at each point of sale, customer service time, customer satisfaction and staff performance. This data can be analyzed to identify trends and patterns in each outlet's performance and take corrective action when necessary.

In short, OpenKM provides companies with the necessary tools to collect, manage and analyze a wide variety of KPIs related to different aspects of the business. With the OpenKM Doc Request module, companies can tailor the platform to their specific needs and improve their ability to measure performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to achieve their strategic goals more effectively. By harnessing the power of KPIs, businesses can optimize their operations and position themselves for long-term success in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace.


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