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Multinational Award of the Year Leader in Document Management Software

Gaspar Palmer

Written by Gaspar Palmer on May 08, 2023

OpenKM has been awarded the Multinational of the Year 2023 award in document management software by the newspaper La Razón.

 The origin of the company dates back to 2004, when the members of the management team worked as developers and project managers specialized in open source for new technology companies, which marketed their own document management solutions. "In those days, large companies could only bear the cost of document management products. After studying and analyzing various document managers of the moment, the idea arose to develop an Open Source knowledge management system, and that due to its characteristics could be used by both large companies and small companies, but, yes; without having to assume a large investment in its acquisition", recalls Gaspar Palmer, CEO of OpenKM.

Thus, began to take shape what is currently OpenKM, a document management solution that allows organizations to control the creation, storage, review, and distribution of documents, increasing efficiency in the ability to reuse information, as well as control the flow of documents. The application includes administrative tools to define user roles, quotas for each user, document-level security, a complete activity log, and the configuration of automatic tasks. OpenKM allows you to build a repository with the information of the company to facilitate the creation of intellectual capital and improve decision-making in the business, avoiding the dispersion of information in the environment of the organization itself, improving accessibility, enabling its reuse and consultation, as well as its transfer in the internal and if you like, external environment. In addition, all this, regardless of the device or application in which the content is generated or received, and regardless of the format, "says Gaspar Palmer, co-founder of OpenKM.

From project to the world

A year later, in 2005, the idea of founding OpenKM finally arose. This begins to be a reality when receiving funds for its development from the Spanish government through the National Program of Technologies of Services of the Information Society. Thus, the first version of the product was released in January 2007. And so OpenKM (Open Knowledge Management) was born. "That same year, we decided to bet on this product and launch our own company. The enthusiasm in this new adventure and the experience accumulated in this type of application allowed us to market the product and launch new versions with new functionalities, "says the co-founder. "The first clients (both national and international) appeared and our dreams began to take shape. Starting in 2009, some large accounts trusted our product and we started to develop our partner network."

2011 and 2012, were the years of consolidation and the consequent expansion of the team with the incorporation of experienced professionals in the technical and commercial areas. With this, OpenKM expanded its market to all continents and reached 4,000 installations worldwide. Today, the app is translated into over 35 languages and registers an average of 7,000 monthly downloads via the Web. "We want to continue with the continuous development of the application to become one of the benchmarks in the market and, thus, show that the software that is developed in our country is of high quality and very competitive. Also, I take this opportunity to encourage all companies in Spain to have the digital voucher, through, since it facilitates access to varied computer applications under very advantageous conditions; We are attached to the campaign as digitizing agents."

And it is that OpenKM has always been characterized by continuous development that has marked its roadmap from the beginning. And, along with this, also the proximity to customers and fast response times. All these elements were, from the beginning, considered key factors to achieve a niche in the market. "The difference is made by our willingness to continue building collaborative relationships at all levels: with our customers, our collaborators, and with third parties that give us the possibility of offering a global solution in any organizational environment. All with the firm objective of achieving the best possible user experience, "says Palmer.

This set of factors led OpenKM to win the Multinational of the Year Award for Leader in Document Management Software. "This award represents, first, a recognition of all the effort made by our people, because, without the effort and dedication of all of them, we would not have been able to get where we are; and second, a boost to continue advancing in that adventure that we started when we were younger.  We want to continue with the continuous development of the application to become one of the benchmarks in the market and, thus, show that the software that is developed in our country is of high quality and very competitive" concludes Gaspar Palmer, co-founder of OpenKM.

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