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Intelligent Information Management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on April 01, 2022

The intelligent management of information comprises the set of strategies, methodologies, processes, and technological solutions that an organization uses to manage its information, particularly its contents and its data. We must not forget that companies collect structured and unstructured information, which comes from various sources and requires different types of treatment and different levels of security.

 Also, keep in mind that companies accumulate an IT legacy that promotes the creation of IT silos over time. In these cases, nobody knows what information we have or where it is. This makes making data-driven decisions very difficult, with all the chaos it can cause and the risks that come with it.

 On the other hand, we must not forget that all companies live their digital transformation journey. Along this path, organizations manage to understand, anticipate and redefine the experiences of employees and customers. Of course, this transformative effort depends on the agility of the business or sector, innovation, operational capacity, degree of automation, and regulatory compliance in the information governance that the company applies.

 The objective of all this is information, the fuel that moves and finances the company's digital transformation. Because, as we said in last week's post, the volume, speed, and variety of information sometimes exceed the company's information management capacity.

Why is intelligent information management critical?

Companies can no longer be satisfied with creating, capturing, automating, and delivering information for their products or services.

They must assimilate and understand the information of all kinds that they create and receive as soon as possible and introduce it into the business processes that have to be reversed without losing speed and quality. Volume and speed are challenges that can only be overcome through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

They must reduce the number of human resources dedicated to tasks related to information governance. For this, converting all formats to a digital version can be a solution, facilitating the introduction of automated solutions.

They need the operational capacity to adapt the hardware structure to the new requirements and be flexible to simplify the market's combination: on-premise installations, cloud storage, hybrid approach, etc.

 Components of an intelligent management system

The challenges that companies face today force them to implement new information management practices, a transformative journey that must include:

  • Content services: a modular and flexible approach that allows content and information to be used wherever we are and in any circumstance.
  • Process capacity can be launched with the simplicity of an app while respecting the business structure that coordinates all efforts.
  • Analytical capabilities: prepare structured and unstructured information for automatic processing.

Organizations must maintain these services and capabilities dynamically to respond to continual market changes and information lifecycle requirements throughout the enterprise. That is why the intelligent management of information is integrated with the technical and human resources that the entity possesses.

As we have seen, the digital transformation of information and intelligent information management go hand in hand since both approaches aim to provide a better customer experience and a better work environment that serves as a claim for new talent and loyalty of those already employed.

Advantages of intelligent information management

The intelligent management of information facilitates the organization and access to the contents and data of the company. Any self-respecting entity must have a content management system to do this. OpenKM, usually presented as document management software, is an electronic document and record management system. We do not reveal anything new; it is a document management system. The documentary approach, records, business content, or knowledge management are not a limitation when working with our software.

OpenKM has elements of indexing and archiving so that searches are based on content rather than where it is stored. OpenKM also integrates easily with other tools resulting in a streamlined workflow. The document management system also offers tracking and analytics capabilities, such as subscription and reporting services, which benefit organizations as they can show what data is being used and where.

With OpenKM, the company can focus its efforts on better understanding its content and data throughout the organization. With the acquisition of new knowledge, organizations can use and optimize their content while saving time. OpenKM's business content management software was conceived to adapt with the company to the growing challenges and opportunities that information and data management provides. It also focuses on ease of use and ensuring that employees across the organization find it easy to use. In OpenKM Academy, you will find all the training and informative resources at your fingertips.

The OpenKM document management system offers the following capabilities:

  • Content management on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Internal and external collaboration platforms.
  • Self-service development platform.
  • Content integration and migration tools.
  • Digitization of organizational processes.
  • Process automation.
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Multi-channel smart capture.
  • Optimization of processes.
  • Records management and digital preservation.
  • eDiscovery and legal documentation.
  • Analytics capabilities and machine learning.
  • Content analysis and semantics.
  • Recognition, extraction, and standardization of data.
  • Metadata management and taxonomy.
  • Classification of documents and identification of Personally Identifiable Information.

If you want to know more about how OpenKM can help you implement an intelligent management system in your company, do not hesitate to contact us.


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