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Insurance Management

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on January 28, 2022

In daily life, many events occur, some of them with a considerable impact capacity, if they are not stopped or managed correctly. In addition, we must consider the changes that have affected society, which demands specialized knowledge, new strategies, operational optimization from insurers and insurance brokers. In short, new features and skills to address the most significant number of cases in the sector reliably, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

It must be taken into account that each sector of activity is more prone than others to specific events. Something that can be seen as a threat, but on the other hand, can be managed as a source of opportunities. Risk 0 does not exist; what can be done is to work on reducing, even minimizing, the danger of any situation degenerating into an incident, conflict, accident, or even catastrophe.

Most people and companies are aware of the uncertainty surrounding them and directly affects them. Even at a legal level, it is mandatory to have insurance covering civil liability, which is responsible to the extent that its products and services oblige them to process and manage claims. For example, almost everyone has contracted home insurance. By legal imperative, the neighboring communities must hire insurance so that tenants and owners of real estate have civil liability coverage in an accident.

As can be seen, insurance companies are part of a sector of activity in which the management of the insured's interests can generate a great deal of information and require diverse documentation - administrative, fiscal, labor, commercial, civil, criminal, etc. -. In addition, the collaboration of experts, experts, and specialists from very different fields, as many as there are types of insurance.

To manage each insurance policy with solvency, which includes detailed risk analysis, requests for information, updating the procedure if any aspect changes, it is vital to have the appropriate management tool that allows us to cover all possibilities.

The OpenKM document management system guarantees the precise administration of the insurance company's portfolio of products and services. It facilitates and speeds up the management of the client portfolio assigned to each employee. Both insurance agents or brokers and clients or beneficiaries can enjoy the electronic document management system's advantages.

When social distance is a reality, providing online documentation is a possibility that should be promoted. With OpenKM, an online work platform can be created, available to collaborators or experts involved in claims processing, who will access the system functionalities they require. The insurer employees will be able to carry out all the administration and document management tasks both from their homes and in the office. This facilitates flexibility and family reconciliation. And customers will be able to enjoy the same benefits. It will no longer be imperative to present documentation at the office or send it by mail.

OpenKM includes a complete range of satellite applications that allow the document management software to be integrated into the suite of programs of the insurance company. If they still receive certified faxes, they will be able to integrate the document management system with the rest of the company's devices, including printers and scanners. This contributes decisively to the implementation of the paperless office in the company.

It is not an inconvenience if it is necessary to receive signed documentation. OpenKM manages all kinds of electronic signatures with a digital certificate, including the biometric digital signature. Through automatic tasks and the workflow engine, business processes are streamlined, renewing each cycle's continuous improvement of the entity. This is another of the benefits provided by OpenKM document management software. The system's configuration is 100% customizable, which guarantees the recovery of the investment in all terms and the long-term amortization of the installation. It is also scalable, both at the repository level and the number of users.

Suppose insurance agents and brokers receive or exchange documentation via email with their clients or third parties. In that case, it may be interesting to include the email archive in the usual document management of the insurer. It is functionality included as a standard in the system, facilitating e-discovery tasks. In case of conflict or litigation, the precise email can constantly be retrieved, which is managed in its entirety; attachments included.

As you can see, OpenKM can be extended to where the company needs. To facilitate the acceptance and use of the document management system, we have created OpenKM Academy. On this e-learning platform, each user can find the training course that suits their needs.

If you need a document management system to manage your company's products and services in your client portfolio, offer a solvent, modern and efficient customer experience, request a personalized online demo.

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