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How to sign in OpenKM

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on November 19, 2021

Today's businesses demand agile and reliable solutions that allow them to carry out significant operations remotely.

 Other vital demands are Solutions for digital signature, electronic signature, digitized signature, biometric signature, or handwritten signature.  Each type of signature presents in national legislation different degrees of coverage and recognized reliability.

 Thanks to OpenKM document management software, the organization can provide a secure environment where interested parties can access documents and generate electronically signed documents, among other online document management activities.

 The need for signature increasingly includes more formats and new types of documents. OpenKM provides an email signature solution using a digital certificate. This component helps to guarantee the reception, quality, and trust of communications, especially in highly demanding environments in terms of security, in which emails are rejected if they do not contain said certificates.


The stamping functionality provides another alternative when signing a document. OpenKM works with stamping in various formats: text, image, and even barcodes of multiple types. If the user wishes, he can sign the documents with his signature using this functionality. Of course, access to said stamp is strictly personal. And if you want, you can add more attributes to the signature. A watermark with your first and last name written on it; the position he holds, the exact date of signature - as a timestamp -, the entity's logo, etc.

Thanks to the OpenKM document management system, the organization will approach the signature process in multiple ways. This ability to choose will allow the entity to meet the legal requirements and facilitate the management of electronically signed documents.

Digital Signature Client

The OpenKM digital signature client, compatible with the most widely used operating systems on the market, is designed to host the digital certificate chosen by the user. To obtain one, they can go to the certification authority that best suits your needs.

When facilitating the signature option, in the OpenKM document management system, users can sign Microsoft word documents. However, it must be borne in mind that the system will convert the file into a pdf document. You can even define an equivalence relationship between similar documents that differ in extension due to the digital signature that the pdf document contains. OpenKM provides complete traceability of any auditable event in the system.

With the OpenKM digital signature client, users can incorporate files while signing them or select the documents they want to sign with a digital certificate in the system.


DocSigner is OpenKM's answer to the need for a handwritten signature. Thanks to this module, the user accesses the document so that he can read all its content. In this scenario, the user can benefit from the rest of the communication tools available in the document management system: add notes, keywords, categories, metadata, relationships, etc. If you agree, insert your signature with your finger - you don't need any special device - you click the sign button. The entity receives an automatic notification informing you of the receipt of the signed document. Both the signer and the organization can view the handwritten signature inserted by the user from the preview.

In addition, it should be noted that the online signature event can be included in business processes implemented in OpenKM as automatisms. Thus, when a document reaches a certain status, the signature request can be managed as best suits the parties.

All the options available for generating signatures in OpenKM provide the security measures and legal compliance necessary for each use case. They serve to streamline and streamline business processes with all parties involved signing agreements and contracts, pacts and negotiations, relations with public administrations, etc. The entity sets the limit in the management of electronic documents.

On the other hand, we must not ignore the benefits that the different signature options bring to businesses, including; time, space, cost-saving, without ceasing to enjoy a better level of service while maintaining the necessary security measures.

If you want to know more about the best benefits, advantages, and signature options for you, do not hesitate to request a personalized online demo.

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