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Electronic document verification

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on September 30, 2022

Online verification of documents has become an increasingly helpful and demanded tool. Before, document comparison was a face-to-face and manual task, especially in highly regulated sectors. The client had to present a whole series of documents, susceptible to verification, and the employee had to personally discern the documentary's authenticity.

Today, customers expect faster and more efficient services. In such a way, if, for example, a registration process is perceived as slow or complicated, this can discourage the incorporation of new clients. There is increasing evidence that consumers lose patience earlier and in more significant numbers, thus obtaining a wrong impression of the company. After all, a potential customer wants to acquire our products and services to satisfy their needs, not dedicate (excessive) time to what they consider administrative issues.

In addition, the digital transformation and the need to maintain social distance have promoted the proliferation of digital document verification services in all areas. In highly intervened sectors of activity, the physical verification of documents persists. However, it is expected that over time, even the most immobile environments will also include online document verification.

The online document verification service allows you to determine if a file is authentic anywhere quickly. As you can see, this is an exciting option when working with high-value information. OpenKM's document management software offers the necessary online work platform to provide all document security guarantees, to which document verification is added.

All the document management system's features are aimed at enabling all the operations the organization needs. From specific tasks such as incorporating documents into the system, creating them from templates, editing them, and encrypting them; to more strategic objectives such as the digitization of the repository, the implementation of the paperless office, and the inclusion of remote work, among other high-profile decisions.

In both cases, whether we approach a micro or a global approach, verifying that we have and work with valid and correct documentation is essential for all organizations. As a document is created and edited, it evolves. And the circumstance may arise - especially now that mobility is more pronounced - that there are reasonable doubts as to whether the version of the document that has been provided to us or to which we have access is the most up-to-date and, therefore, valid. To reach this conclusion, several premises must be met. Does the latest version of a document imply that it is the correct or valid one? It depends on each use case.

The OpenKM remote document verifier offers the possibility of verifying the relevance of the document that is previewed with the use of a smartphone or any smart device. The OpenKM document manager will include a QR code in the valid version of the document - which will contain the set of data that the organization wants - so that, through the device, the user can verify that he has a confirmed document in front of him. Otherwise, the mobile application will inform the user of the status of the file.

The online verification of documents will work in a network with the rest of the OpenKM functionalities. Suppose the last accessible version of a document turns out to be invalid. In that case, the user can use the document management software to contact their collaborators to resolve the incident in real-time. If you have permissions, you can access the document history and validate the file version that is considered correct. Inserting the verification code on the document can automatically lock it, protecting it from being overwritten. It can also automatically update file security. Even mean the change of document storage route, including a verified document in an approval workflow, etc.

The possibilities of using the electronic document verification system are multiple. Thanks to the versatility of OpenKM, this option can be inserted in any phase of the business process that you want to update with this solution.

On the other hand, the advantages of online document verification include:

  • Fraud prevention
  • Improved customer experience
  • Cost reduction

If you want to know more about the benefits of online document verification, do not hesitate to contact us.


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