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Developed document management III

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on March 25, 2024

In this third instalment of our series on OpenKM modules, we delve into three fundamental tools: the OpenKM Dev-Tools Module, the Email Archive Module, and the EDX - Electronic Document Exchange Module.

OpenKM Dev-Tools Module

OpenKM Dev Tools is a set of tools specially designed for developers who want to customize and extend the functionality of OpenKM, an open-source document management software. These tools make it easy to develop custom applications, integrate with other systems, and automate processes within OpenKM.

Some of the main features of OpenKM Dev Tools include:

  1. 1. RESTful API: Provides a RESTful application programming interface (API) that allows developers to interact with OpenKM using standard HTTP calls. This allows the creation of external applications that can access and manipulate the documents and data stored in OpenKM.
  2. 2. Java SDK: OpenKM offers a Java software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to create custom extensions using the Java programming language. This provides full access to OpenKM's internal functionality and allows for the creation of custom plugins and new features.
  3. 3. Eclipse Plugin: OpenKM provides a plugin for the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), which makes it easy to develop and debug custom extensions for OpenKM directly from the development environment. This simplifies the development process and speeds up the creation of new functionality.
  4. 4. Integration with other technologies: OpenKM Dev Tools easily integrates with other popular technologies and frameworks, such as the Spring Framework and Apache Maven, allowing developers to leverage existing tools and libraries in their OpenKM projects.

In this regard, you may find the OpenKM Developer course of interest

Email Archive Module

OpenKM's email archiving module is a powerful tool that allows organizations to efficiently manage their emails by integrating with the document management repository. This functionality is especially useful for preserving and protecting emails in an automated manner, which offers a number of significant benefits.

Key benefits include the ability to recover lost or accidentally deleted emails, audit logging to ensure traceability of communications, preservation of intellectual property, and the ability to perform "eDiscovery" in cases of litigation or internal investigations.

The module offers a wide range of features and functionality designed to meet user needs and ensure regulatory compliance. For example, it allows the preservation of archived messages, including the body of the message and attachments, as well as the protection of intellectual property and compliance with current legislation.

In addition, the module is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, making it easy to integrate with the most widely used email client in business environments. It also offers an import queue to efficiently manage bulk email imports, as well as the ability to define custom rules for automatic message cataloging.

Other notable features include exporting to additional formats such as PDFs, generating full audit logs and reports, and indexing any data in the email message for easy search and retrieval of information.

In summary, OpenKM's email archiving module is a comprehensive tool that helps organizations effectively manage their email communications, ensuring data security, integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Electronic Document Exchange Module - EDX

OpenKM's Electronic Document Exchange (EDX) module facilitates the secure exchange of documents between an organization and its customers or stakeholders. It allows you to create users without consuming OpenKM user licenses.

The process starts with creating folder templates in OpenKM to organize the documentation to be exchanged. Templates are configured according to the specific needs of each use case.

The EDX module has its own system of users and roles, managed within the platform. The administrator can create new users, assign roles, and provide access to the platform.

Users can access the EDX to view and manage shared documentation. They can view folders with documents that are relevant to them and upload new documents to the system. In addition, they can receive notifications about new documents and use the search function to find specific content.

The OpenKM Dev-Tools, Email Archive, and Electronic Document Exchange - EDX modules offer powerful and efficient solutions to optimize document management in OpenKM. We invite readers to put what they've learned into practice and make the most of these modules in OpenKM. If you need further assistance or adjustments, we're here to help.

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