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Developed document management II

Ana Canteli

Written by Ana Canteli on March 18, 2024

In this second instalment, we will continue to explore key modules that offer innovative solutions in the field of document management.

Electronic Invoicing Module

The electronic invoice is a tax document that is issued and received in digital format, without the need to be printed on paper. It is equivalent to the traditional physical invoice in that it records a business transaction between a seller and a buyer, but differs in that it is generated, transmitted, received, and filed in electronic form.

Managing the large volume of invoices and receipts associated with a company's business activity involves significant expenses related to printing, sending and handling documents, which can cost approximately €1.2 per invoice sent and even more per invoice received, especially considering custody obligations.

Electronic invoicing offers numerous advantages, such as greater efficiency and agility, reduced errors, regulatory compliance, greater control and visibility, cost savings, improved financial and inventory management, facilitation of audits and controls, and improved business relationships.

Automatic Invoice Management Module

Automatic invoice management is a process that automates the accounting and processing of invoices received by a company. It eliminates the need to handle them on paper, saving time and resources. This process allows:

  • Better expense management: Provides real-time information on the status of accounts.
  • Reduced time: Frees employees from tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on more productive activities.
  • Cost reduction: Automation leads to savings in time and money.
  • Error reduction: Automatically validates data and reports deviations.

OpenKM's document management system offers an Automatic Invoice Management Module, which is practical, intuitive and completely customizable. It allows the company to:

  • Equip staff with valuable information for decision-making.
  • Simplify the invoice management process, adapting to different formats and methods of reception.
  • Encourage collaboration with suppliers, shortening payment terms and reducing errors.
  • Comply with regulatory and safety requirements.

AutoCAD Plan Preview Module

OpenKM's AutoCAD Drawing Preview module is an invaluable tool for companies working with CAD designs, providing an easy and efficient way to share, review, and manage DWG files across the organization. Managing DWG files can be challenging, especially when it comes to sharing and previewing designs without the right software.

OpenKM's AutoCAD drawing preview module solves this problem by integrating a DWG file viewer into a web environment, allowing users to preview and collaborate on designs without the need for AutoCAD installed. This facilitates communication and decision-making across the company, as users can access and view blueprints from anywhere.

An example of a use case would be an architecture firm that needs to share and review building designs with clients and contractors. With OpenKM's plan preview module, architects can upload DWG files to the system and share links to the plans with all stakeholders. Customers can preview designs in their web browser without the need for technical knowledge or specialized software, streamlining the approval process and reducing review times.

In addition, as part of the development of OpenKM adaptation for users who work with CAD files, OpenKM displays the links between different drawings related to the same structure in a custom section, called References, available in the References panel. This makes it easier to manage and access related files, improving workflow efficiency and organization.

AutoCAD Plan Version Verification Module

The QR code drawing version verification module offers an effective solution to control and ensure that you are working with the latest version of construction drawings. Both large construction companies and document management organizations can benefit from these applications.

The current landscape of large construction projects is characterized by a very tight margin in cost and subject to large penalties for delay, in which any error can prevent the project from being completed within the margin and timeframe. One of the most common problems during the construction phase of a project is the difficult control of the versions of the hundreds of plans printed on site.

The solution proposed by OpenKM consists of the insertion of QR codes in the drawings during the editing phase, which are linked to the OpenKM document management software. A mobile app allows you to scan these QR codes on printed drawings to check if they are using the most up-to-date version of the drawing, while a desktop app offers the ability to combine QR codes with the DWG source code to embed them into CAD drawings.

These tools provide a quick, easy, and reliable method to ensure you're working with the correct version of construction drawings, helping to avoid costly mistakes and project delays.

MS-Addin Module

OpenKM Microsoft add-ins are add-ons developed by the OpenKM technical team to improve integration between Microsoft Office applications and OpenKM document management software. These add-ins allow Microsoft Office users to access and use OpenKM capabilities directly from Office applications.

For example, when opening a document in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, users can find an additional OpenKM menu in the toolbar that allows them to perform actions such as adding keywords, categories, metadata, searching for related documents, accessing previous versions of the document in OpenKM, among other functionalities.

These add-ins facilitate collaboration and workflow between Microsoft Office and OpenKM applications, allowing users to work more efficiently and get the most out of both solutions.

In conclusion, document management modules such as AutoCAD Plan Preview and Version Verification and Ms-Addin, along with solutions such as Electronic Invoicing and Automatic Invoice Management, represent a step forward in the evolution of business management. By adopting these innovative technologies, companies can not only optimize their internal processes but also better adapt to a constantly changing business environment, where agility and responsiveness are essential for long-term success.

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