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5 Kinds of Businesses that need secure DMS

Mario ZulesWritten by Mario Zules on October 18, 2019
With the plethora of documents and sensitive information that modern enterprises handle, the importance of document management solutions (DMS) cannot be overemphasized. Any organization that deals with documentation, from customer files to invoices and receipts, needs a secure document management system to store and manage information.

While some businesses have a clear perspective of their document management needs, others are utterly unaware of the fact that they need a document management system until it is too late.  Here are five sectors that can improve their competitive edge by implementing DMS software:

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a fast-growing business in the US, given that the demand for elderly care is always on the rise. Recent studies indicate that patient admission into nursing homes is expected to double by 2030.

This kind of growth in the assisted living industry comes with several challenges. They deal with a high turnover of patients, government regulations, information access, staffing, data storage, and escalating operational costs. Not to mention the challenges that come with clutter, disorganization, and filing.

Time wasted sorting out documents, filing paperwork, and searching for lost files can be better spent caring for patients. In a nursing home, the patients are the most vital part of the job. Streamlining manual processes with DMS software will go a long way to improve assisted living businesses by guaranteeing secure storage, document sharing, and workflow automation; therefore reducing operational costs.

Transportation Business

Like any other business that relies on paper-based documentation processes, the transportation industry is not immune to disasters like insect infestation, fires, and social disturbances. Take, for instance, a transportation company that deals with company logistics. Such a company deals with roughly 5000 or more drivers who deliver and maintain fleet across the US. These companies further have numerous pieces of equipment and over 1000 locations.

All these operations require paperwork as drivers often carry handbooks to sign deliveries, arrival and departure times as well as what is sent where and at what time. Such businesses need a cloud-based document management system that will guarantee safety, and easy retrieval to manage all the documentation and ensure information is secure.

Content management systems can help transport and logistics businesses to manage all drivers, automate documentation workflow, prevent loss of essential documents, and further improve employee productivity.

Digitized documents are easy to store, share, and secure through secure portals. In case of fires, or any other natural disasters, transportation businesses will remain in business thanks to document management systems that offer cloud solutions for storage.


Manufacturers are yet another category of businesses that should be using document management systems. Unfortunately, they tend to focus more on the production process and forget to protect crucial documentation within the business premise.

Production of goods has to align with customer needs and demands. That said, it is vital to find the most profitable approach to collect customer data and ensure that what is manufactured satisfies the customer. Also, if sensitive client information is stolen or exposed to disasters, a company may incur losses.

A document management system helps prevent such circumstances. It also helps manufacturing companies organize and automate documentation processes.

Home-based Businesses

Millions of people are turning to home-based businesses to enjoy a day’s work from the convenience of their couches. Others maybe want to earn something extra to improve their lives. Such businesses range from freelancing to e-commerce and small business with sole proprietorships such as baking. Most of these businesses use manual filing systems.

Unfortunately, business records accumulate over time, and eventually, documentation becomes a nightmare.  It’s necessary to have a document management solution that will ease data storage, retrieval, and security.  Accounting software that will make invoicing processes much more accessible should likely be included.

Brick and Motor Stores

Brick and motor stores often deal face to face with customers or even complete transactions through the phone. Many of these retail stores fail to recognize the need to protect documents. Others ignore any document management solution because they don’t feel that they need a document sharing system.

This is a big mistake! Retail stores, like any other business, require an efficient solution for financial management, logistics, customer records, administrative, and invoicing services, among many other functions.

Document management software helps brick and motor stores to improve their business process by automating document workflow and enhancing employee performance. Besides, these businesses need to secure employee and customer information.

Law Firms

Law firms deal with so much documentation. Take, for instance, pleadings, forms, letters, and discovery documents. Not to mention, large chunks of paper-based files. This factor is already enough reason for every law firm to get a document management system yesterday.

 A DMS Software offers various tools that help manage all documentation.  A law firm may benefit from the double-back up of a cloud solution that not only ensures secure storage but also makes document tracking easy and effective. What’s more, electronic documentation can get rid of all the paperwork and clear up storage space.

A document management system improves collaboration through the use of tools that allow users to share any file types and even work on the same project simultaneously. Matter centricity is also another critical benefit of DMS software. All your documentation including email and case information are centrally sorted and located in the same place. This management tool organizes all files according to case types and therefore makes work easy.

Final word

In summary, any business or organization with a vision to prosper in the twenty-first century needs a document management system. 

The benefits of getting one include: secure storage for a variety of documents, including emails, pdf files, and spreadsheets. Audit trail and monitoring tools enable you to see who is accessing what document and permission-based access to sensitive documents.  Not to forget robust document tracking and collaboration tools that allow you to work with your colleagues on various projects.

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