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Document Management System

With OpenKM, turn your information into knowledge.

OpenKM is a Document Management System (DMS), alternatively called Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS), or Content Management System (CMS.)

OpenKM can store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based information captured using a document scanner or other means.

OpenKM allows your organization to control your electronic documents' production, storage, and management.

OpenKM integrates all essential document management, collaboration, and advanced search functions into an intuitive and easy-to-use system. The application includes administrative tools to define the roles of users, set access control, set user quotas, secure documents, and set up automation.

With OpenKM, you can:

  • Control your enterprise content.
  • Collect information from any digital source.
  • Collaborate with colleagues on documents and projects.
  • Empower organizations to capitalize on accumulated knowledge by locating documents, experts, and information sources.
  • Manage digital content or documents.

Record management is the government field responsible for the efficient and systematic control of records' creation, reception, maintenance, use, and disposition. These are information created, received, and maintained as evidence by an organization or person to pursuance legal obligations or business transactions.

OpenKM Record Management helps your organization to enable efficient processes by capturing and maintaining evidence and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records.

Electronic records management involves creating, receiving, and using records. Records must be authentic, reliable, and usable for as long as possible to support business conduct, comply with regulatory requirements, and provide accountability.

With OpenKM, you can:

  • Set life-cycle management.
  • Set information governance.
  • Manage content.
  • Set policies and standards.
  • Assign responsibilities and authorities.
  • Design, implement and administer specialized systems for managing records.

OpenKM features a powerful Workflow engine capable of supporting the most complex business rules and processes. It allows for creating, managing, and modifying simple and complex workflows in an intuitive, logic-based way.

OpenKM's workflow characteristic enables us to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Apply the business model to the processes while obtaining statistical data that allows the analysis of information about the products and services offered.
  • The communication between departments is improved.
  • Workflow attributes quickly detect incomplete tasks or procedures in each business process.

Given a specific event, OpenKM allows you to apply validation rules and set up specific actions on the documents without human intervention.

Some examples of automated tasks are:

  • Metadata Capture.
  • Documents classification.
  • Workflow execution.
  • Assignment of Keywords and categories.
  • Some examples of automated tasks are:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Reduced operational time.
  • Improved process accuracy.
  • Increased cost savings.

OpenKM's dynamic and versatile architecture is utilized to create the following modules:

  • Mail Archiver: Uses the repository as a document management system to store messages massively. The mail file is an automated process to preserve and protect all emails.
  • Multitenant: Multi-tenancy enables multiple independent tenants to be hosted on a single instance, installed on a single server, or across a cluster.
  • Electronic Signature: In e-commerce and the law, an electronic document's signature indicates that the signer accepts the intentions recorded in the document.
  • Barcode: The barcode module is one of the most notable features of the OpenKM document management software that helps the application automate the tedious processes of data incorporation.
  • Electronic Invoicing: E-invoicing module extracts invoices in "XML" format and stores them in the system.
  • CMIS: Specific Open CMIS connector bundles, allowing OpenKM to be used as a CMIS server.
  • Cryptography: This allows the files' encryption and decryption.
  • Reports: Are created and use Jasper Reports generated in PDF format.
  • Task manager: Create, administrate and assign tasks to users and roles.

OpenKM provides an interoperable platform that capitalizes on resources across different applications and repositories.

OpenKM furnishes several integration methods such as:

  • OpenKM SDK's for Java and .Net.
  • Webservices REST APIs.
  • Easy Authentication with an external user database, LDAP or Active Directory, SSO, and CAS.
  • The data store can be configured to be deployed in any database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.

Available connectors:

  • AutoCAD.
  • PostgreSQL.
  • Oracle, or SQL Server.

OpenKM Global network

Partners and Resellers


OpenKM global network is a growing complex of System Integrators, Technology Partners, Resellers, and Cloud Service Providers.

The global network of partner companies provides a wide array of services and solutions, from installation, integration, customizations, support, and training.

OpenKM's partners take advantage of the OpenKM expertise to develop end-user modules for the OpenKM Document Management System.

Business partners are the primary level of support to their clients' companies.
OpenKM offers attractive business opportunities worldwide.

Do you want the best from OpenKM?

Consulting Services

Consulting services

We provide our customers with consulting for OpenKM implementation, integration, upgrade, migration, and support services.

Many mid to enterprise-level businesses have successfully adopted OpenKM and have brought their business one step above the rest, and we help them do it.

Our Open KM experts and engineers are well-versed in electronic document and record management practices. We can advise you on request from start to end of your project.

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Allen G.

CDX Diagnostics

Our company has begun using the OpenKM professional edition after about one year of using the free Community Edition.

The advanced feature set is robust and excellent.

We are slowly incorporating it into our IT infrastructure. To a very enthusiastic staff.

Tech Support is very responsive and excellent.

We are glad to have joined the OpenKM family.

David R.


OpenKM has proven to be an extremely cost-effective document management system. It replaced a system that originally was priced over $100,000 and whose maintenance costs were $25,000 annually.

The functionality serves all of the same functions, and it has proven to be a very stable and easy to maintain environment. Its support is excellent.

We are extremely happy with the software.

Santiago A.


Our experience with OpenKM has been good since we have been able to organize our documentation, secure it and, above all, keep it adequately, allowing access at all times from any place where we are.

The software fulfills its purpose, just with a couple of customer service problems. We feel comfortable with the application.

Friendly interface - possibility of interconnection with other systems - reasonably priced.